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Addiction Counseling at Urban Balance

What is addiction? Many drugs (including alcohol) and behaviors that provide either pleasure (gambling, video games, sex, etc.) or relief from pain pose a risk of addiction which is a: Chronic disorder precipitated by a combination of genetic, biological/pharmacological and social factors. Compulsion to repeat a behavior regardless of its consequences. Craving for more of
Dr. Manasa Perera is a licensed clinical psychologist who received her PhD in Clinical Psychology from the Illinois Institute of Technology.  She has experience working with children, adolescents and adults. She has worked in long term care facilities, community mental health centers, and substance abuse treatment facilities.  She has experience treating mood disorders, anxiety disorders, substance
By UB therapist Sari Ticker, Psy.D. Our society values multi-tasking, working on the go, and being accessible at all hours of the day and night. This push towards constant availability has made it hard for our over-worked minds and bodies to take a break for much needed rest and relaxation. Working and being out of
By UB therapist Leslie Holley, LCPC This past February, I had the chance to visit Rivermend Treatment Center in Augusta, Georgia. The treatment center is located in the beautiful, tree filled scenery of Bluff Plantation and offers a comprehensive approach to addiction treatment. The residential addiction treatment and rehabilitation center offers those seeking addiction recovery
Lindsay Wolff is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) who works with individuals, families, children/adolescents, and couples. Lindsay has experience in treating mood disorders, anxiety, depression, relational concerns, LGBTQ needs, life transitions, and grief/loss. As a graduate from University of Illinois-Chicago specializing in Children and Families and Mental Health her work experience includes inpatient and
Approximately 6 million Americans suffer from bipolar disorder. Bipolar I disorder is characterized by mood changes that can swing from a high-energy, manic state to a low-energy, depressive state. The disorder can affect sleep, energy level and the ability to think clearly, according to the National Institutes of Health. It can interfere with a person’s
By UB therapist Sari Ticker, Psy.D. In a world like ours, there are unspoken (and sometimes spoken) expectations that we appear a certain way to those around us. After giving birth, there is the expectation of complete and utter exhaustion, but also that a mom is elated to have an adorable little peanut with whom

Urban Balance Supports: Imerman Angels

Urban Balance recently donated funds to Imerman Angels, an organization that provides personalized one-on-one cancer support for cancer fighters, survivors and caregivers.  Founded in 2003, Imerman Angels was created on the belief that no one should have to face cancer alone and without the necessary support. They have a unique matching process, that partners anyone seeking cancer support with