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Seasonal Friendship

Written by Emily Phan, LMFT Many types and levels of friendships exists. From the acquaintance you may refer to as a friend because you see each other in your routine environments and you make sure to provide a warm greeting, all the way to the best friend who has been through life with you and

Who Should I See?

Written by Callie Thompson, LPC When it comes to selecting a mental health professional, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the alphabet soup of letters listed after his or her name. What do they mean? And why should you care? Finding an appropriate practitioner is an important first step in getting the right care. Here’s

The Comfort and Care of Pets

Written by Kelly Couture, MEd, LPC-S Having a pet has been shown to reduce stress, bring comfort, and provide a purpose in life (to care for a fur baby). During the pandemic, pet sales increased dramatically as many of us had extra time to care for a new family member and many of us sought
Show your teenager love and care, while looking after yourself. Read the original article here. Whether you and your teen are getting along well or having challenges, it is important to show that you love and support them, that you can help them navigate tough times and that you are always there for them. Here
Written by Holly Chuang, Clinical Intern Depression can be learned in childhood.  When a child accidentally does something and gets yelled at by a parent with language such as: “Why did you do that?” as though the child did it on purpose, the child picks up the parent’s way of explaining the incident.  “You did

Perfection vs. Progress

Written by Emily Phan, LMFT For some, the push for progress versus perfection is the ultimate goal; the continued momentum and bettering of oneself is the desired outcome. For many others, the thought of progress without perfection is failure. No matter how many things have gone right, it is not good enough because it could
Written by Kelly Couture, MEd, LPC-S Clients come to therapy from diverse backgrounds, including diversity of race, spirituality, ethnicity, sexuality, ability, social class, etc.. As mental health and substance use treatment becomes more acceptable and less stigmatized by the majority of our society, counselors still need to view counseling and psychiatric medication management through the

COVID This Holiday Season

Written by Emily Phan, LMFT Conversations about the Coronavirus have interrupted and infiltrated our lives. At times, it seems as though out of nowhere we have become consumed by this virus that is continuing to affect our daily interactions, plans and thought processes. With the holidays around the corner, the uncertainty of how the Coronavirus
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