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Swipe right, connect, and meet someone in a matter of minutes. That’s dating in the modern world. While there is convenience in free dating apps, they may not be the ideal platform for meeting your true love. Let’s take a closer look at the downside of free dating apps and how you can avoid those
Most celebrities keep their personal struggles private for fear of public rejection. Demi Lovato uses those struggles to show people it’s okay to be flawed. She has battled with everything from addiction to bulimia to bipolar disorder, and she has come out on top time and time again. What’s her secret? Therapy. Lots of therapy.

5 Ways to Live More Authentically

By UB therapist Chelsea Alarcon, LPC Brené Brown, a well-known psychologist, author, and speaker said, “Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we are supposed to be and embracing who we are.” Living an authentic life can feel like a risk at times; however, research shows that exercising courage in this

Learning from Emotions

By UB therapist Michael Maloney, LCPC Most of society teaches us that emotions are irrational and they get in the way of logical thinking. We believe that emotions are something to be controlled and tempered. But emotions are a source of information that we are evolutionarily built with.  If we listen to what they have
dating tips widows
Dating as a widow comes with unique challenges. By now, you’ve handled the grief and set yourself up financially, but it still seems strange to jump into the dating scene. I lost my husband when I was 26, and I did not know any other widows in my life. Every time someone gave me dating
money management widows
As a new widow, you may be faced with the challenge of managing money for the first time on your own. This is something I had to adjust to as a 26-year-old widow, as I discussed in the first part of this ­grief recovery guide. No matter how you handled money in your marriage, you’re
young widow
26 and widowed. That’s how I introduced myself for the better part of a year. Losing a spouse at any age is difficult. It is particularly challenging for someone who is trying to navigate the world as a young adult. The average age of a widow in America is 59, but many men and women
Mental Health Awareness Month has been celebrated every May since 1949! It’s an effort to remove the stigma of mental health issues and promote people getting counseling. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, 1 in 5 Americans affected by mental health conditions. Mental health awareness is also important for suicide prevention as 90%