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work life balance
At Urban Balance, many of our clients deal with the challenges of working second or third shifts in industries such as retail, hospitality and theater. We see night shift employees often struggle to balance work with sleep, social lives, exercise and other aspects of a healthy life. Your schedule may not align with most, but
working mom
Being a single mother is no easy task. Studies show that the average working mom puts in nearly 100 hours a week between the home and the office. To put that in perspective, that’s over 14 hours a day of non-stop hustle and grind. We know that you’re strong enough to handle the chaos, but

There are Four Kinds of Love in the Air

By UB therapist Gretchen Oschman, LPC, Doctoral Candidate It’s Valentine’s Day  and love is in the air! There is more than just the romantic love of a significant other. Sometimes we are apt to only focus on romantic love and forget the other types of love that exist in our lives. The four kinds of
Ah Valentine’s Day… Some people have very strong opinions about this “Hallmark holiday” and will let it pass as just another day. Others are excited to share in this romantic day with their loved one(s) or friends and indulge in chocolate-covered everything. Yet most people seem to be mixed about the holiday, and with it
By UB clinical intern Taejah Vemuri Imagine this: today is the start of another busy school week. You have a paper and three tests to complete by Friday. You wonder how you will accomplish all of your assignments on time and also clean your apartment, see your friends, and participate in activities that you enjoy. You
By UB therapist Michael Maloney, LCPC We all have a tendency to do this.  Is it that thought that keeps cycling over and over in your head.  Julian is thinking about a fight he had with his girlfriend two days ago and is worried what this might mean for their relationship.  Stacy is feeling down
UB’s Libertyville office is conveniently located in the heart of Libertyville’s commercial district. Easy off street parking, a welcoming office, and seven experienced, licensed therapists make this location one of the premier counseling practices in the northwest suburbs. Additionally, all of UB’s counseling insurance services are offered here. Spend time achieving work/life balance, and less