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What actually happens during marriage counseling? How can my spouse and I benefit from it? In the first part of this guide, we looked at the logistics of marriage counseling (How Marriage Counseling Works – Step by Step). Now we will explain what to expect from marriage counseling to give you more insight into the
Marriage counseling is a proven platform for resolving relationship conflicts. If you have considered starting marriage therapy, you may be curious how the process works. In this guide, we will explore how marriage counseling works step-by-step, so you know what to expect along the way. Before the First Appointment The first step in the journey

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As you set your 2019 New Year’s resolutions, think about your mental health. What can you do to feel better next year? What would make you happier in your day to day life? These are the things that will ultimately help the rest of your resolutions come true. Here are some mental health resolutions that
The time between your therapy sessions is an opportunity to make tremendous progress. Even if you see your therapist once a week for a full hour, there are 167 extra hours in that week. That’s time that could be used to improve your mental health, reduce stress, and overcome obstacles you’re facing. How can you

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