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How to Get out of a Funk

Having a hard time getting motivated? Do you feel like you just don’t want to do anything? Everyone goes through those moments from time to time. However, you can jumpstart your enthusiasm with some simple tricks. Check out this guide to learn how to get out of a funk. Tackle One Tiny Project Motivation has
Across more than 20 years in behavioral health care, Dr. Kate O’Brien has worked in direct agency services, in private practice, and at the corporate level of an international Employee Assistance Company (EAP). In her private practice, she addresses clients’ issues through strategies drawn from solution-focused, cognitively-oriented, multicultural and social justice perspectives. Kate works out of our newly opened St. Louis-Clayton office. You can read her full bio here! To make an appointment with Kate,
How to Silence Your Inner Critic
Your inner critic is the voice in your head telling you what you’ve done wrong. Sometimes it can help you avoid bad decisions, but in most cases, it just destroys your self-esteem. The good news is that you have complete control over your inner critic. We’re here to help you take the power back. Check
By UB therapist Michael Maloney, LCPC In our society we are pressured to always be productive. We are constantly asking what is our ‘output’ of the task that I’m doing. Will this activity make me a better employee or advance my career?  Will this action improve my parenting? Is this action the best use of

Therapist Spotlight: Anika Hannah, LCSW

Anika is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Behavioral Health Officer in the Army National Guard. She will work at our St. Louis-Clayton location, which will be opening shortly in September! Anika received her MSW from Washington University in St. Louis, where she concentrated on Children & Youth with an Expressive Arts Therapy specialization.
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Urban Balance is excited to announce the start of a depression support group at our Ravenswood location on September 24th. Please see our flyer for more information! 
Barbara Noonan is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and a specialist in working with couples, adults, adolescents, and in conducting art therapy. You can read her full bio here! Barbara works at our Chicago- North Michigan Avenue office. To schedule an appointment with her, please contact our intake department. See below for more information about Barbara!
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Parenting a Child with School Anxiety
Is your child afraid to go to school? Now that classes are starting back up, you may notice some warning signs of school anxiety. Your child refuses to go to school, to the point of panic or fear. If these are some of the issues you’re facing, check out these parenting tips for children with
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