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How to Cope with Moving to a New City

By UB therapist Chelsea Alarcon, LPC Several years ago, I made the decision to move to Chicago. I never thought the words, “I am moving to the city,” would come out of my mouth. Growing up, I had dreamed of living a quiet, simple, slow-paced life out in the country somewhere. I come from a

Surviving Difficult Emotions

By UB therapist Eric Herskowitz, LCPC Difficult emotions. I can already feel my desire to avoid the topic altogether as I type and think about this topic. This may feel like the easiest way to address and cope with the effects of complex and powerful emotions, but it just makes these emotions more forceful and the affects
By UB therapist Michael Maloney, LCPC Many times couples get stuck in cycles or systems of behaviors.  It is often hard for the couple to recognize when the cycles started or how they are kept going.  One thing that is common in couples is what I call the Superhero vs. the Monster. On a side
Depression has no age limit, but it can be particularly common among older adults. Depression is not part of aging, but the life transitions that come with getting older can spark depression. If you’ve been feeling sad, unmotivated, or uncharacteristically lethargic, you may have a form of depression. No worries though – there are treatment
Retirement is known for being a blissful time of freedom, but for many adults, it is a difficult life transition. Days that were once filled with work now feel empty and confusing. If you are approaching retirement or have struggled during the transition, know that there is help available for you. Here are some tips
Focus on Attention

Focus on Attention

Two years after founding an on-line start up James made a decision to finally do something about his attention issues. It had always been a challenge to hold his focus on projects that weren’t of “great interest”, but he learned to cope well enough to get by. He tried medications for awhile, but hated the
We all have our insecurities, those small imperfections that we analyze with a microscope. We’re quick to overlook other people’s flaws, but we can’t get past the ones we see in ourselves. What’s the solution for that? How can we overcome the self-consciousness and embrace the beauty of our imperfections? Check out these self-esteem boosting