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Did You Sleep 7-9 Hours Last Night?

By UB’s Neurofeedback Practitioner Debbie Vyskocil, BCIA A good night sleep is underrated. We are an unusual society that sometimes still competes in the office over who has had the least sleep. Recent research points to sleep as the time your brain empties its waste. If you don’t sleep you brain is carrying around toxins
By UB therapist Bob Ryan, LCPC, ATR As a practitioner with offices near two private universities, both of which attract high-achieving students, I see a number of young adults struggling to face disappointment. In general, our society does a poor job of preparing young people for the inevitable disappointments in life – even more so

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Tools to Quit Smoking

By UB therapist Michael Maloney, LCPC Smoking cigarettes is something we know is unhealthy.  We know that it can put us at a higher risk of cancer, heart attacks, strokes, coronary heart diseases, COPD, and many other health risks.  We also know that it is an expensive habit and now if becoming less socially desirable
Continued from Part 1 Keep Your Work Life Separate from Your Personal Life Since your work is naturally stressful, its important to keep it separate from your personal life. Avoid checking work emails when you’re at home. You can hang out with your coworkers, but try to find friends that are not involved in your
Nursing is a fast-paced, high-stress career that often takes a toll on a nurse’s mental health. In fact, studies show that 18% of hospital-employed nurses experience depression. While this career can be rewarding, it is also mentally and physically draining. What can you do to get through the day and maintain a positive outlook? Check
Money fights are some of the most common arguments in relationships. Managing your finances is a stressful endeavor, whether you share your money or keep your funds separate. How can you resolve these money fights, or better yet, avoid them altogether? Here are some conflict resolution tips from Urban Balance. Is It the Money or