Anger Management Education

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“For Individuals Who…

• Desire to reduce conflicts in communication related to expressing annoyance, frustration or more severe anger.

• Want to overcome guilt, shame and/or depression related to ‘stuffing’ anger.

• Desire to manage anger in the workplace

• Seek to develop skills in constructively expressing anger.

• Want to help children and teens understand and manage anger.

• Learn to calm your body to calm your mind

• Desire to learn a variety of strategies to manage irritation or anger.


• Recognize the signs, symptoms and impact of anger

• Better understand anger as described by a Model of Anger

• Identify distortions in thinking that promote anger

• Learn how to challenge the conclusions based on ‘child logic’

• Learn how mindfulness and self-compassion can lead to constructive anger management”

Phone: (312) 642-0265
Types: Professional Services, Support Groups, Treatment Centers
Address: 1 East Delaware Place, Suite 310 Chicago, IL 60611