Egea Spa – The North Shore Wellness Spa in Evanston

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EGEA Spa provides personalized attention to your individual needs and goals. Our services feature natural products and customized skin care. Our facility is a gentle, caring and friendly environment offering only the finest complimentary amenities.

  •  Comfortable robes to relax in
  • Cleansing steam showers to bath in
  • Soothing music to calm the senses
  • Warm herbal teas to sip
  • Spring water to refresh and replenish

EGEA Spa’s private label products are formulated with only the highest quality natural ingredients and essential oils providing your body the nourishment it needs. Egea Spa is proud to sell and use products.”

Phone: (847) 332-2772
Types: Professional Services
Address: 1521 Sherman Ave Evanston, IL 60201