Flank 5 Coaches Academy

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“Flank 5 Coaches Academy involves 4 days of intense training followed by 3 months of mentorship to help you launch your future as a Flank 5 Coach.  All classes will be held at tech incubator 1871 surrounded by the brightest entrepreneurial minds in Chicago.

During the course you will learn:

  • What career coaching entails and why it is an exponential growth industry
  • The primary principles of successful career coaching
  • Coach Foundational Skills: building rapport, establishing trust, empowering your client, active listening and more
  • Leading edge research on how to facilitate insights and accelerate progress toward goals
  • How to set goals in collaboration with your client; design action plans with milestone and accountability
  • The future of “career” – and preparing your clients for the changing job landscape
  • How to build a coaching business that leverages technology, social media and networking to attract and retain clients”
Link: http://coaches.flank5academy.com/
Types: Professional Services