The Genius Guru – Gina Marotta

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It is common for individuals who begin therapy or physical healing through yoga to become more present and “awake,” and then feel dissatisfied with their work even though it may look like a very “successful” career on the outside. This is an area of specialty for Gina Marotta, a spiritual & strategic guide supporting people through a transformational process to discover and do work they love.

Before doing this work for clients, Gina navigated discovering her own best career path. She made two courageous career leaps, initially from being a lawyer to running a nonprofit empowering women & girls.  She then left the nonprofit to create her current business as “The Genius Guru,” helping people discover their inner genius or how their natural born talents,  passions, sense of higher calling, and experience all add up to the work they were born to do.
Her style includes:
  • Providing intuitive guidance and seeing of one’s genius
  • Identifying and removing blocks to joy, freedom, and expression in career
  • Mentoring and creating strategy around making career shifts
  • Teaching to tap into own intuition to make career choices with greater confidence
Phone: 773-315-4918
Types: Professional Services