Getting Control of Your Anger: A Clinically-Proven, 3-Step Program

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“A nationally recognized Cornell psychologist presents his clinically proven program to help you break the generational inter-generational cycle of anger for good. Getting Control of Your Anger helps adults who have ‘inherited’ destructive anger patterns learn constructive ways to express themselves and get their needs met. Focusing on breaking the cycle of anger, Dr. Allan helps you discover the reasons for your anger, find more constructive ways to get your core needs met, and break the cycle by avoiding passing destructive patterns along to your children.  Already successfully taught to over 10,000 people, Dr. Allan’s 3-step program gets to the source of anger: Step One identifies the ‘hooks’–good reasons to get angry–and how to avoid them. Step Two identifies the ‘need’ that is causing the anger. Step Three teaches you how to fill the need.”

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