The Human Magnet Syndrome: Why We Love the People Who Hurt Us

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“Codependents meet, they are enveloped in a magnetic and seductive ‘love force,’ it begins like a fairy-tale, but later unfolds into a painful ‘seesaw of love/pain and hope/disappointment’. The soul mate of the Codependent’s dreams becomes the Emotional Manipulator of his/her nightmares.

This book is about real-life relationships – common everyday relationships that many of us have experienced but wish we didn’t. In this book, I will explain the very human ache to be understood, connected and loved; the innate emotional, physical and sexual drive to find our ‘dream’ romantic partner. This ‘love drive’ motivates us to seek our perfect mate, who we hope will instinctively comprehend our struggles, validate our pain, affirm our dreams and, most of all, co-create an explosion of emotional and sexual excitement. We can’t help it; we are naturally designed to seek someone who will share with us our desire for everlasting love.”

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