Lincoln Park Massage Spa

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“Christine and Wyman founded Hired Hands On-Site Massage Specialists 13 years ago in Chicago. Hired Hands focused on bringing chair massage to corporations and full body massages to client’s homes. While Wyman pioneered the development of new massage techniques, Chris devoted herself to marketing them in an innovative way. During the past 20 years, they have built the largest on-site Massage Company in the Midwest. Today, Hired Hands is strictly an on-site chair massage operation, bringing seated massage to many of Chicago’s finest companies.

In 2003, Chris and Wyman opened Lincoln Park Massage Spa in the heart of Lincoln Park. With Chris’s 20 years of experience in sales and marketing for Fortune 500 companies and Wyman’s 20 years as massage therapist extraordinaire, the spa was a natural progression. Wyman continues to develop new massage techniques and teaches the techniques both in the spa and at the massage school that they opened together. Chris is responsible for the management activities and leaves no detail undone. Chris and Wyman invite you to visit their sanctuary in the city, created with your satisfaction in mind.”

Phone: (773) 296-6300
Types: Professional Services
Address: 630 W. Webster Ave Chicago, IL 60614