Meredith Sonetz MA, LPC, CADC

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“My mission is to help my clients create the life they have envisioned and desire. I explore the paths that have led them to this point in their life and have created this unique “self”. The choices we make in every aspect of our life, including relationships and career has to do with our past experiences and encounters.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I provide clinical transport services to individuals going into and coming out of treatment. In addition, I continue to see patients in my own private practice setting within the western suburbs of Chicago. I am grateful for the path I have travelled as it has given me the strength, hope and experience in which to pass along to those I get the privilege of working with.”

Phone: (312) 890-8060
Types: Professional Services
Address: 3333 Warrenville Road, Lisle, IL, United States