Tanya Stanish, Attorney

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“Divorce is a highly individual matter, and Tanya J. Stanish is known for recognizing the unique factors of each case and tailoring her approach to fit the client and the situation whether in the courtroom, mediation or in collaborative law. Ms. Stanish represents a wide variety of wealthy clients, including prominent business executives, entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, professional athletes, and stay-at-home spouses. Her work includes every aspect of complex and high net-worth family law such as executive compensation plans, trusts and business interests.  She is also experienced in helping clients address high-conflict child custody and parenting issues. Ms. Stanish is that rare lawyer: a seasoned negotiator as well as a formidable, tenacious litigator, able to achieve success for her clients both inside and outside the courtroom.  Her trial experience includes paternity and order of protection (domestic violence) cases in addition to complex divorce cases involving both financial and parenting issues.  Outside of the courtroom, Ms. Stanish has considerable experience negotiating prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements, to protect family wealth, business interests and blossoming careers.”

Link: http://www.sdflaw.com/attorneys/tstanish/
Phone: (312) 609-5526
Types: Professional Services
Address: 200 North LaSalle Street 30th Floor Chicago, IL 60601-1089