Urban Oasis Massage Therapy

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“Imagine gentle woodland fragrances…meditative music… muted colors and textures suggesting a harmony with nature…already you begin to unwind. Fruit juices and herbal teas are offered; you change into spa sandals and settle into our comfortable space. Soon your Therapist will arrive and escort you to the treatment room. Following your massage you enjoy a choice of three different showers:

  • Steam Showers– softens the skin, relaxes muscle tension, eases joint stiffness, and cleans the pores.
  • European Style Body Spray – with multiple body sprays that invigorate and stimulate energy flow.
  • Rain Showers – like a warm, refreshing summer rain, washes away stress and the day’s pressures.”
Link: http://www.urbanoasismassage.com/
Phone: (312) 587-3500
Types: Professional Services
Address: 12 W. Maple St. Third Floor, Chicago