Shades of Hope

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Using the 12-Step approach to wholeness, Shades of Hope has become world renown for the successful treatment of clients with long-standing challenges with eating disorders as well as those dealing with multiple addictive behaviors. By acknowledging fears and issues that need to be confronted, the clients can be guided into identifying the feelings they continue to “medicate” with their addictions and come to believe they can live life free of self-destructive behaviors.

The mission of Shades of Hope is to provide a residential treatment center where individuals can come to reclaim their freedom in a loving and non-shaming environment. Located in Buffalo Gap, Texas shaded by centuries-old oak trees, Shades of Hope is a place of quiet natural beauty, providing the tranquility and safety needed for clients to look deep within themselves. The goal is for them to find the courage to unmask the issues at the core of their addiction(s) and gain the confidence to lead a life of recovery.

Phone: (800) 588-4673
Types: Treatment Centers
Address: Shades of Hope Treatment Center, Mulberry Street, Buffalo Gap, TX, USA