Most insurance plans will cover mental health and substance abuse treatment. Urban Balance accepts most insurance plans. We also accept EAP (Employee Assistance Program) sessions. To see a list of insurance companies and EAPs Urban Balance honors, click here.

Please be sure to search Joyce Marter & Associates in your insurance provider directory, as this is the entity through which Urban Balance clinicians are credentialed and contracted with insurance and EAP companies. Also, please bring your insurance card to the first appointment.

Urban Balance rates are in the range of $60-$200 per session depending on your insurance plan.

Billing and Payments

Urban Balance has insurance specialists on staff who will check your benefits, request authorizations and submit claims on your behalf. Your therapist will explain your coverage at the following session after the insurance company responds with a quote of benefits — which is not an absolute guarantee of coverage. Co-payments are collected after each session.

Click Here To Make Payment

Secure payment via credit card or PayPal account. You will be prompted for client and therapist name during payment checkout.

 Billing Contact Phone (877) 299-5426
Refresh Mental Health, an Insurance Friendly Company. 
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