Therapist Spotlight: Jaime Doss, LPC

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Jaime Doss is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed school counselor. Jaime uses a plethora of approaches from several theories including: Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, Client Centered, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and behavioral interventions. She has 10 years of experience working with children, adolescents, and adults. Read her full bio here.

Jaime works from our Hinsdale and South Michigan Avenue offices. To schedule an appointment with her, please contact our intake department.

What self-care techniques or activities do you do?

Being with my two toddlers and husband, being outside, doing my Treadfit Challenge classes, reading and watching Netflix.

What made you become a therapist?

Ever since high school, I also was working and volunteering with people with disabilities. My mom was a teacher and I wanted the one to one time and not in a classroom. I knew counseling was my avenue to develop rapport and relationships with individuals. I wanted to be a light for those that were in dark times.

What are your specialties?

Children/adolescents, special needs population, adults with anxiety and depression, behavioral issues.

Did you have a career before becoming a therapist?

I was working with adults with disabilities after college and once I got my masters became a professional school counselor.

Why do you believe that counseling can help?

Counseling helps you realize that you are not alone in situations. It provides a safe haven and someone there to listen to your problems and worries.

Why is it important to seek counseling?

It’s important to seek counseling to be able to talk about issues you couldn’t talk to anyone about. People seek therapy whether they have an issue, relationship issues, or wanting more answers to their life plan. It’s a non-judgmental zone and provides you with someone who will be actively listening and willing to be a partner as you navigate through life’s ups and downs.