Aaron Karmin, LCPC

Chicago - North Michigan Ave

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Aaron is a licensed clinical professional counselor who earned his masters degree through Roosevelt University in Chicago. In addition, he is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and holds an advanced certification in stress management. Aaron has worked at all levels of mental health care from inpatient to outpatient, private to community, not for profit to Fortune 500 companies. He is a highly effective couple’s counselor and individual therapist who is able to discuss a variety of topics including: Anger Management, Emotional Stability, Behavioral Change, Relaxation Techniques, Communication Skills, and Goal Setting Strategies. Aaron is the author of The Anger Management Workbook for Men, and also writes an Anger Management Blog for PsychCentral.
He is an active therapist that asks questions and offers consistent feedback to guide the session’s focus. He utilizes an integrative style – applying a variety of approaches to best meet the needs of each client/couple and their concerns. He has worked with couples and individual adults within the bi, poly, trans, and kink communities to address issues including trust, vulnerability (physical, emotional), sexuality & sexual identity, communication, and conflict.
Aaron recognizes the need for flexibility and creativity to address the mind and body. His approach focuses identifying physical cues, recognizing thoughts, considering consequences, implementing solutions, choosing behaviors, and promoting expression. All humans struggle with their feelings and its a sign of strength and intelligence to know when to seek support. Any professional who has useful skills and the right tools, is an asset, not a liability.