Ashley Blake, LCSW

St Louis- Clayton

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Ashley Blake is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with eight years experience helping adults and children improve their relationships, heal from grief and loss, and cultivate more fulfilling lives. With a background in various settings such as community mental health, residential treatment, schools and private practice, she has worked with a wide range of clients struggling with anxiety and depression, past traumas, interpersonal conflict, and major life transitions. Drawing from psychoanalytic, cognitive, and client-centered schools of thought, Ashley uses an eclectic approach to address the unique personalities of each of her clients, and takes true joy in working with clients with diverse backgrounds. She is also a lifelong student of philosophy and history and believes that there is wisdom to be found in the experiences of generations past. With a background in theater, Ashley especially enjoys working with creative or intellectual people searching for direction and meaning in their lives. She also has experience in business and understands the challenges that ambitious professionals often face.