Eve Brownstone, MA, LCPC, Certified Psychodramatist

Chicago - North Michigan Ave, Chicago - Ravenswood

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Eve has provided compassionate care for the creative soul for twenty-five years. Eve supports and empowers her clients to look within to gain more: self-awareness, self-love and self-acceptance. Music, dance, art, guided imagery, meditation, journaling and psychodrama are some of the tools used for this journey.

Eve is also a working artist and published writer. Eve has been featured in numerous art shows connected with: Gallery B1e, 7013 Studio and The Rogers Park Art Gallery. Eve is the author of Opening New Doors, a book of poetry and process, which examines a journey from fear to love. Letting Go/Going On, is a booklet for healing from trauma. Born In Relationship tells the story of one identical twin’s search for herself and healthy relationships. Her work has been featured in the Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune and The WGN Morning Show. Eve is glad to be part of the Urban Balance team.