“The Twins” at Urban Balance

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Urban Balance has the good fortune of having  two identical twin psychotherapists on our team. Laura Brownstone, LCSW specializes in EMDR and mindfulness and Eve Brownstone, LCPC specializes in expressive arts therapies.

Eve wrote her Master’s thesis about how being a twin can impact relationship with Self and others. According to Eve, some unique challenges twins face may involve: attachment, separation-individuation and identity. Twins are born in relationship. They attach first to each other in utero then to their mothers typically.

Laura and Eve both shared what it’s like being a twin for them and working at Urban Balance.

So what’s it like being a twin?

Eve: It was like having a best friend since conception….like breathing. If that is all you know, it feels normal. However we got a lot of attention for being one of The Twins. Until I was eighteen, I didn’t know who I was.

Laura: It was nice to know that Eve was there. We could fight like mad cats, but we also knew that we had each other’s back. I would suspect that one thing that helped in my life was to have a strong attachment with my sister. There was so much change and conflict in my family growing up. I have noticed in my old age of 50 that most people can’t read your mind or really want to know how you are doing. It is sort of nice to have check ins on a weekly basis.



What’s it like working with your twin?

Eve: We really don’t work at the same time. However, on Mondays our shifts do over lap, its nice to see a very familiar and friendly face.

Laura: I used to work with her at my first job out of graduate school. I don’t see her much at Urban Balance. She sometimes checks in before she leaves after her shift. I have already had clients do a double take when they think that she is me. I just tell them that I have a twin and that is that.



Urban Balance is proud to have both Laura and Eve on our team! They both have different styles and specialities to meet the diverse needs of our clients.